Liam Neeson Could Use Sarah Palin’s Aerial Targeting Expertise in THE GREY

Liam Neeson takes on a pack of hungry Alaskan wolves in the new thriller from Joe Carnahan.

Liam Neeson is reteaming with his A-Team helmer Joe Carnahan for a wilderness survival adventure movie - The Grey. Neeson will play one of a group of oil-rig ‘roughnecks’ whose plane crashes in the Alaskan tundra; the survivors find themselves the mealtime targets of a pack of very hungry wolves.

Carnhan is shooting the film independently; that means he gets more freedom but has less of a budget. Good thing the Great White North has offered him all the verisimilitude he might need:

“It gets to be 30 below, and when we went out the other day, I took off my hat to see how long I could last, and my skin was burning with frostbite in a little over a minute,” Carnahan told Deadline, talking about the Northern British Columbia shooting location. “In a way, it’s great, because it beats the shit out of the cast and that suits the storyline.”

Deadline reports that Neeson will be joined by “Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Dermot Mulroney,  Frank Grillo (Warrior), Nonso Anozie, and Joe Anderson.”

Men vs nature - I like that. Simple, gutsy stuff. I look forward to seeing what Carnahan pulls off (and kudos to him for getting another movie off the ground so quickly, breaking his usual spells of bad luck!).