Stephen Sommers Court Martialed From GI JOE Sequel

GI JOE 2 is still moving ahead, but without Stephen Sommers in command.

I like GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. Yeah, I get it - you wanted something less cartoony from a movie based on a cartoon series and a toy line that featured a guy who changed color in the sun. For me the cartoonishness of it - the giant undersea base and the silliness and the insanity were all big plusses for me. Black Hawk Down with Snowjob I did not need.

Anyway, the film did aiiight. Not amazing, but okay. It got clobbered critically. And Stephen Sommers, the director, supposedly had some troubles in editing - like as in they locked him out of the editing room and all but fired him. So everybody was surprised when not only was there a sequel greenlit, but that Sommers was coming back to direct.

Not so fast! The LA Times is reporting that Sommers is off the film and that other directors are being approached. Whether or not Sommers will have another role in the film - producer? - is unknown, as is the reason for him leaving (or being asked to leave). He doesn’t seem to have anything else immediately lined up.

Does Sommers leaving mean that Paramount is going with a more serious direction in the sequel? Christ I hope not. Watching Joseph Gordon Levitt just devour scenery was a profound pleasure for me, and I wanted to see him do it some more.