When Frank Drebin Was Scotty’s Best Man

James Doohan’s second wedding featured Gene Roddenberry as well as best man Leslie Nielsen. And some delightful retro fashions.

James Doohan’s son Chris has a Twitter feed and he just posted an absolutely adorable picture of his father’s (second) wedding. You of course know that Jimmy Doohan was none other than Montgomery Scott on the original Star Trek; the picture of his wedding includes Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry as well as Doohan’s best man - none other than the recently passed Leslie Nielsen.

I love everything about this picture - the idea of Nielsen and Doohan partying it up at the bachelor party, the outfits - especially the big hats on the ladies! -, the faded nature of the photo that obviously came right out of a family scrapbook. I wonder if Nielsen advised Doohan on what to do on his marriage night: “Give her all ye’ve got!”