Full Trailer For THE WARD, John Carpenter’s Return to Features

Finally! A full trailer for John Carpenter’s return to horror films, THE WARD.

John Carpenter’s The Ward played at Toronto to decidedly mixed buzz. There was a lot of negative attention from 15 year old bloggers who don’t particularly like horror movies; the horror fans who saw it felt it was highly formulaic but done right. That makes sense - Carpenter has always seen himself as a formalist at heart. His ghost movie would hit a lot of the expected ghost movie beats.

The film is, as far as I know, still without a US release, but it is coming to the UK and there’s a trailer for it. It looks good to me, and very nicely shot. Hopefully this goes theatrical in the US; what a trip it would be to see a new Carpenter film in  theaters (the last time a Carpenter movie was released in theaters the Twin Towers still stood).