Judd Apatow’s Next Is A Follow-Up To KNOCKED UP

The next Judd Apatow movie returns to Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s KNOCKED UP characters.

I liked Funny People. It’s a little long, and it plays like two movies jammed together, but it’s honest and good and most of all, it’s funny. But the film didn’t do well, and while Judd Apatow has been producing stuff since then he’s been quiet on the directorial front.

That changes now. The first information about his next film - scheduled for a 2012 release from Universal - has hit. And Apatow is doing something he hasn’t yet done in his short film career: he’s going back to existing characters.

His next, as yet officially untitled film will be a sequel or spin-off from Knocked Up, but it won’t be about Seth Rogen’s character. Rather the film will follow Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s married couple.

And that’s it. That’s all we know. I would be surprised if Seth Rogen didn’t return, while I would be very surprised if Katherine Heigl, who complained a lot about Knocked Up in the press, did. The other characters are likely to return, or maybe Apatow will have the actors playing new roles.

So is there now an Apatowverse? Will we see Steve Carrell’s 40 Year-Old Virgin character popping up? Is Apatow retreating in the face of Funny People‘s lack of box office success? Or will this film continue in that dramedy, James L Brooks-ian vein?

via Variety