LA: The Wright Stuff Wreturns To The New Beverly

Edgar Wright comes back to LA’s New Beverly for another run of amazing movies, including THE WARRIORS, DIRTY HARRY, ANIMAL HOUSE and SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD!

Edgar Wright is coming back to Los Angeles’ venerable New Beverly theater this month with another edition of his The Wright Stuff film festival. He’ll be showing a triple feature of three of his full length films (he’s still holding out on A Fistful of Fingers!), which will be cool, but what’s even more exciting are the films he’s programmed for the rest of the festival. Here’s the schedule:

January 14, 15

Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs the World - all three for just ten bucks!

January 16, 17

Brazil and Delicatessen

January 18, 19

Dirty Harry and Supercops

January 20, 21

American Grafitti, Animal House

January 22, 21

Frenzy and Dressed to Kill

Run Lola Run on a separate midnight admission

January 24, 25

The Driver and Duel

January 26, 27

Wild at Heart and True Romance

January 28, 29

The Wanderers and The Warriors

January 30, 31

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and Miami Blues.


I don’t know that I can make all of those because of screening commitments, but there are a bunch I will be going out of my way to catch. Edgar hasn’t announced guests yet, but he has made it clear that the Saturday night triple feature of Shaun, Fuzz and Pilgrim as well as the first night of Animal House will be nights you want to show up for; I imagine that previous Wright Stuff guest and noted raconteur John Landis will be showing up, and that much of the cast will show up for Scott Pilgrim (as they did last time it showed at the New Bev).

You can buy tickets in advance starting this Friday at this link. As always it’s just SEVEN BUCKS for a double feature.

Some of these screenings are unmissable, by the way. The double feature of The Wanderers and The Warriors is perfect, and Miami Blues rarely, if ever, screens. Duel is Steven Spielberg’s first film, which was actually shot for television but still makes a fine theatrical experience. And maybe New Bev’s patron Quentin Tarantino will show up to tell us how he would have shot his own True Romance script differently.

As always, every show will be worth seeing just because of Edgar’s infectious energy. These series are, for me, the ultimate Hollywood experiences, and I couldn’t be more psyched for the next iteration of The Wright Stuff to get underway.