Give us this day our daily trailer! The greatest sequel of all time spends a little while boasting about all of its Oscars in this trailer.

We ran a trailer for The Godfather and there was some question about just what kind of a trailer it was. Our friends at Trailers From Hell, the ultimate movie trailer site, looked into it and… came up unsure!

Maybe they’ll take a look at this trailer for The Godfather Part II. Is this two trailers jammed together on one YouTube clip or one long, bifurcated trailer? The Godfather Part II premiered in the Oscar grabbing final weeks of December, so the awards portion of the trailer was probably for the larger nationwide rollout after the ceremony? But what about the rest of it?

Especially interesting: the trailer insists that this is the final chapter of the Corleone family saga. Come back Friday to see how wrong that was.