Two Simple Reasons You Should Not Buy The STAR WARS Blu-Rays

A simple, rational look at why you should skip this version of STAR WARS on Blu-Ray.

Today the official announcement of the Star Wars films on Blu-Ray was made at CES; our own Moises is in Vegas for CES and he may have some more information about this announcement from the front lines. But until he weighs in, let me tell you two reasons you simply should not buy the Star Wars Blu-Rays.

1) They’re the Special Editions. Look, I’m not here to bitch about Greedo shooting first. I’m simply here to say that I saw all three of the original movies in theaters and owned them all on VHS and watched them a zillion times. Those are the movies I want on Blu-Ray. I don’t care about matte lines. I want the original versions, and this set does not include them. Lucas eventually released the original versions on DVD, but I don’t know that he’ll ever be convinced to do so on Blu. One way to convince him is to just hold out on buying the discs.

2) The special features only come in the “Complete Saga” box. There are three discs worth of brand new features and alternate takes and deleted scenes… that you can only get if you buy all six Star Wars movies. Again, not a hater thing here, I just simply don’t want to own the Prequel films. I would like the behind the scenes stuff from the first three films, but I don’t want to have to shell out all the extra money and get saddled with three movies I will never, ever watch.

This is such a consumer-unfriendly release. I would pre-order a Theatrical Editions Star Wars Original Trilogy Blu-Ray set that came with extra features. In a second. But that option doesn’t exist for me.

If you, like me, want that option, simply don’t buy this release. Vote with your credit card and let Lucasfilm know that all we want is high def versions of the movies we grew up with.