Edgar Ramirez Takes Winston Zeddemore’s Advice, Joins CLASH OF THE TITANS Sequel

When asked if he was to be a god, Ramirez said ‘Yes.’

The sequel to Clash of the Titans, currently called Wrath of the Titans, is in pre-production right now on the Warner Bros lot. They got an office and everything. And in that office they’re doing their hiring for the sequel, some of which it turns out is pretty good.

It’s possible you didn’t see Carlos, the five hour long movie about Carlos the Jackal, which stars Edgar Ramirez. If you haven’t seen that film you probably have only seen Ramirez in Domino, or in a not particularly meaty role in The Bourne Ultimatum. Well, the good news is that in Carlos Ramirez is amazing - vibrant, alive, human and deep. The flip side of that good news is that Wrath of the Titans is negotiating to get him to star in it as Ares, the God of War according to The Wrap.

I don’t know how good Wrath of the Titans will be, but if Ares has a role of any size we’re in good shape right now. Seriously, see Carlos and be blown away by what Ramirez can do. It’s sort of a bummer that he’s following up such a great film with blockbuster schlock, but everybody gotta get paid.