Is This The iPhone 5?

Leaked components seem to be for the iPhone 5. Leaked comments seem to be filled with people hating on Apple.

I dropped my iPhone the other day and the glass front shattered. There’s a spiderweb of jagged breaks running across the front of the phone, which is somehow still usable. I just became eligible for an upgrade to an iPhone 4, but I’ve been pondering whether to keep this broken phone until the summer, when the iPhone 5 hits stores.

Looks like I’ll be happy to get a 4. Fast Company has a look at a leak of what appears to be the component parts of the iPhone 5, and this is a slight evolution, like the change from 3G to 3GS. Unless, of course, this is the long-rumored iPhone for Verizon, but Fast Company notes that there are some details that indicate this is an upgrade, not the iPhone 4V.

Whatever this thing is it’s legit - a video comparing these parts to the parts of the iPhone 4 was yanked from YouTube by Apple, who only bothers doing that when there’s something worth yanking.

Go to Fast Company to read all the tech details.