Boston: The Brattle Theater Was Attacked! How You Can Help

A madman did thousands of dollars of damage to the concession stand of the Brattle Theater, Boston’s best movie theater. Find out how you can help.

Usually when we talk about cool little theaters being under attack we don’t mean it quite so literally. But last week an asshole patron of Boston’s great Brattle Theater went berserk and smashed the theater’s concession stand.

The madman was upset because a showing of The Sound of Music had gone slightly out of focus. Look, I get the idea of being pissed off at projection issues - one of the reason I’m so excited to be a part of the Alamo family is because of the theater’s top-flight projection policy - but there’s a big difference between angrily complaining and smashing thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

The smasher was arrested, but not before doing plenty of damage. Repertory theaters are always right on the margins of profitability in the best of times, and having so much damage done to their concession - including the destruction of a thousand dollar cash register - can’t be easy for the good people at the Brattle. So Boston folks, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a member or about donating to the Brattle, now is  a good time. Keep cool movies happening in Boston!

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