Director Of New Ashton Kutcher Movie Says GHOSTBUSTERS III Script Is Good

Ivan Reitman, who left his directing skills in the 80s, musters up moderate enthusiasm for the GHOSTBUSTERS III script.

I don’t understand why anybody wants a Ghostbusters III. I don’t get why anybody thinks getting this particular band back together is a good idea. They tried getting back together once and we got Ghostbusters II. I don’t know how many revisits of 80s properties have been turning out well - do we need another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Tron: Legacy?

But there’s momentum behind the film, and Ivan Reitman - who is out promoting No Strings Attached, his hideous new Ashton Kutcher movie that could possibly cost Natalie Portman the Oscar*, says that there’s a ‘very good script’ and it’s pretty much ready.

Says Reitman: “it’s good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again.”

Think about that. It’s good enough. It’s very good. What’s the point of making the movie unless it’s great? Why revisit unless you have a killer concept and script that simply must be made? If you’re doing this reunion just because you can get paid for doing this reunion, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. If you’re doing it just because people think they want it, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Ghostbusters III should only happen when the script is amazing, when the story is so good and the jokes so great that not making the movie would be a crime.

Because honestly, the odds are this film is going to suck. I mean, look at Ivan Reitman’s last two decades - he’s over as a director. And the crime is going to be that we’re 1 for 3 when it comes to Ghostbusters movies. And I don’t want to live in that world.

* ask Eddie Murphy about this. It’s called the Norbit Effect.

via the AP