Great News: Alcohol Contains All The Minerals Necessary To Sustain Human Life

Not only can drinking be good for you, it can be vital to maintaining your very human existence.

Every now and again we hear some medical news about alcohol that makes us smile. We hear that moderate drinking is good for you, or that a couple of glasses of wine a day will keep heart attacks at bay. It’s nice to know that one of our vices isn’t quite that vicey.

But man can’t live on alcohol alone… or can he? Did you know that alcohol contains every single one of the 13 minerals necessary to sustain human life? It’s true. And alcohol contains no fat or carbohydrates (although once you start mixing it with stuff that changes, so very sorry about that, beer drinkers). And drinking does not destroy brain cells - according to SUNY Potsdam* moderate drinking actually improves cognitive function!

I bring you this information early on a Sunday to help you through your hangover from last night (known as ‘wood mouth’ in France and being ‘out of tune’ in Italy) and to let you know that your boozing may have been good for you. Remember this fact from those science types at Potsdam:

Many of the health benefits of alcohol consumption are lost if it is not consumed on a regular basis.

(btw, Potsdam’s info comes from a number of sources. The most gloriously named one is a book called Wine, Beer and Spirits: The World’s Most Versatile Health Foods!)

* where I once got very, very terribly drunk. Bad weekend.

Thanks to Tim League and Aaron Morgan for the link.