For a brief moment the internet got excited - could JURASSIC PARK 4 have secretly snuck into production? Could it be shooting right now in Los Angeles? The answer? Well, see the headline.

I contacted the studio and Universal has flat out denied that Jurassic Park 4 is shooting. But that sign says it is. What’s the deal?

Well, I guess it’s one of two things: someone on the Universal lot is wrong or someone on the Universal lot is fucking with tourists (or even Behind The Thrill, the site that premiered this photo). I believe that the chalkboard above is one that tells tram tour patrons what’s happening on the lot that day - ie, where to look out for famous people standing in front of stages. If that’s the case, an employee was incorrect or messing around when they put in Jurassic Park 4.

Or Universal is lying to everybody. That’s the least likely scenario, though, because there’s no way a film like Jurassic Park 4 starts SHOOTING and nobody hears a peep about it.

Sorry, guys, there’s no Jurassic Park 4 any time soon.