First Image From Pedro Almodovar’s Science Fiction Film

The first beautiful and weird image from THE SKIN I INHABIT.

Pedro Almodovar’s films always dance around and through genres, but his next, The Skin That I Inhabit, looks to be his most science fictiony movie ever. The plot has Antonio Banderas as a plastic surgeon becoming obsessed with developing a new kind of skin after the death of his wife. The film is based on the book Tarantula by French writer Thierry Jonquet, although the synopses for Tarantula I find online sound very different from this translated bit of text from a Portugese website, explaining the story of the film:

Based on the work of Thierry Jonquet, ‘Tarantula’ and followed by a plastic surgeon who after the death of his wife - in a car accident are interested in creating a skin with which could have saved her. Twelve years later, he can cultivate this skin in vitro, taking advantage of advances in science and crossing fields banned as of transgenesis with human beings. However, this is not the only crime that the surgeon will make.

Whatever the plot the image above looks great, and it’s always a treat to have a new Almodovar in our future. The film will open in Spain in September, but it’s unclear what the American plans are.

via Dark Horizons