Read Drew McWeeny’s Superheroic Short Story THE INTERVIEW

Drew McWeeny, formerly Moriarty of Ain’t It Cool News, has just published a great short story that you can read online for free.

Drew McWeeny is a good friend of mine. He’s been a great supporter and advocate for me in my career, especially the Badass Digest phase. When I first thought about leaving my old job I immediately went to Drew and talked to him about the process of going from Ain’t It Cool News to HitFix, and his advice was incredible and valuable.

When I begin phasing into the fiction part of my career I’ll probably go talk to Drew again. He has just had a short story published at the excellent Popcorn Fiction site, where his work sits alongside the stories of people like Rian Johnson, Phil Hay, John August, Patton Oswalt, Larry Doyle, Brian Helgeland, Mark Wheaton and more.

Drew’s story is The Interview and it’s about… well, you should read it for yourself. It’s not very long but it is very good. And it sort of reads like the intro to a novel - one that I would definitely be excited to dig into.

Click here to read The Interview