The Badasscast Episode 0: Ferris Bueller Is Evil

Because a handful of people demanded it, here’s the Badass Digest podcast. This isn’t the first episode, though - think of it more as a dress rehearsal.

A podcast of some sort was always in the cards here at Badass Digest, the only question was how it would take shape. I kept putting that question off, but enough of you bugged me about it that I finally sat down this weekend with Skype and Garage Band and kicked some things around.

The audio below is ragged. It’s got technical issues, including an explosive noise whenever I make a ‘P’ sound, caused by my poor equipment and broadcasting skill. It’s probably choppily edited. And I don’t think this is going to be the standard format for the Badasscast. But all that aside, it was a trial version and I think the conversations I have with my guests - Andre Dellamorte of Geekweek Live and Dave Chen of Slashfilm - are worthy of sharing.

In the first segment Dellamorte and I talk about why he hates Ferris Bueller’s Day Off so much, and then we ponder the possibility of a sequel to Tron: Legacy. Then in the segment with Dave Chen we talk about the future of all these crazy movie websites. I’m much more pessimistic than he is.

But any feedback is appreciated. Future episodes will be available on iTunes; this one will remain a site-only oddity forever and ever.

[audio: badasscast0.mp3]