Explore Nic Cage’s Weird Mansion In The Avant-Garde Short THE CAGE OF NICHOLAS

The picture above is Nic Cage’s dragon fireplace, as featured in George Kuchar’s weird short film shot entirely in Castle Cage.

George Kuchar (and his brother Mike) is well known in  the art world for his lo-fi, odd and avant-garde short films. George was part of the underground film scene of the 60s, and he’s been teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute since the 70s. He still cranks out short films with steady regularity, most of them plotless and featuring non-actors.

In 1992 he visited Christopher Coppola, who was at the time staying in brother Nic Cage’s mansion. Kuchar shot The Cage of Nicholas there, a VHS tape short that includes Christopher cooking pasta and hanging out in the mansion. The quality of the short is poor, and the details in the mansion can be hard to make out, but watching this you’ll get to see Cage’s amazing dragon fireplace, what appears to be some kind of Satanic doll, and other sundry oddities. As well as hear Christopher talk about the dark spookiness of the place.

Cage doesn’t live there anymore, but it’s important to document this phase in the life of our weirdest actor.

Thanks to Patrick Cooper for the link!