Gandalf, Gollum And Pretty Much Everybody Else Coming Back For THE HOBBIT

Everybody’s returning to Middle Earth for one last hurrah… until Peter Jackson figures out how to fit them all into THE SILMARILLION.

It’s going to be a big old Lord of the Rings reunion on the set of The Hobbit, as Peter Jackson has gotten the band back together. The latest no-duh signings: Ian McKellan will return as Gandalf while Andy Serkis comes back as Gollum. Still in negotiations is Ian Holm, who played Bilbo in the first trilogy.

Now wait a second, you say, how could Ian Holm be Bilbo when we all know Martin Freeman is Bilbo? You’ll remember a few days ago my speculation on how Frodo would turn up in The Hobbit - essentially reading/hearing Bilbo’s adventures in a wrap around segment? I was right, according to The One Ring, and that means Holm would be playing Old Bilbo in those scenes.

After all the years of stops and starts and the seemingly insurmountable troubles at MGM, it’s downright weird to be writing about The Hobbit as it actually moves forward. I have to say that my cynicism had me convinced this movie would never actually happen. I’m glad to have been so wrong.