Just Another Creepy YouTube Video By A 55-Year Old Masked Man Professing Love To A Japanese Pop Star

Sometimes the line between hilarious and terrifying gets blurred. This is one of those times.

This is a video made by a 55-year old man who has been to Japan and loves the people and the culture. His YouTube profile indicates that he feels that he has the ‘sole’ of a Japanese person. He’s also really into a Japanese pop band called Perfume; apparently it was recently the birthday of one of the girls in that band, and he made a video for her. A video where he dances with a cut out of her face, where he takes a call on a wrench and where he feeds truffles to the camera.

It’s very possible that this is comedy genius. The wrench phone is amazing. It’s also possible this is the next grocery store spree killer. We’ll see!