You Too Can Make A Melting Severed Head Cake

Your next horror themed party won’t be complete until you’ve made a human head cake that melts under a heatlamp, revealing a royal icing skull.

Most people would be satisfied making a run of the mill severed head cake, but not Barbara Jo. She took it upon herself to make a severed head cake that, when placed under a heat lamp at a party, would melt - revealing layers beneath the flesh including a skull.

It seems to have been a fairly massive undertaking, but it also seems to have been a rousing success. Should you have days upon days available to you before your next party, Barbara Jo has helpfully laid out, step by step, how to make your own melting severed head cake. If you don’t have the time or the kitchen willpower, you can enjoy the fruits of her labor in the YouTube video below.

via Neatorama