Mark Strong’s got a big purple head and pointy ears in GREEN LANTERN - just like he should.

That picture showed up on this European site, along with the Tomar Re shot below (which we’ve already seen in some configuration or other). Both pictures are set on Oa, the planet at the center of the galaxy where the Green Lanterns have their HQ. Sinestro himself is standing in front of a huge Green Lantern symbol, while Tomar Re has the weird alien architecture of Oa before him.

Are you picking up on how unique this film is? It’s not your regular earthbound superhero movie, and these images are, I believe, just the start. Warner Bros was shooting to make space opera here, and the film’s scope is grand and awesome. When this movie started shooting we didn’t know if they would have the balls to make the aliens look like the aliens in the comics, and you can see they did - that’s pretty much the comic book Sinestro up there. That’s pretty much the comic book Tomar Re down there. I love it.