How To Build Lego Guns That Shoot Legos

Turn the Lego building sets at your local toy store into (probably not very) lethal weapons of (likely not) death!

Building a weapon from Lego blocks and then having that weapon shoot Lego blocks at your enemies? This is the ultimate assassination weapon! It’s invisible to metal detectors, it breaks down into the most innocuous components and it’s probably fun to put together.

Badass Lego Guns: Building Instructions For Five Working Guns will give you the know how. This book will teach you how to build:

Thriller, a powerful crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms
Parabella, a pint-sized, rubber-band shooting marvel
The Warbeast, a sophisticated, fully-automatic bullpup submachine gun
Liliputt, a semi-automatic pistol with a nine-brick magazine
Mini-Thriller, a folding crossbow pistol

Modern warfare has been changed forever.