Video: Stupid French Kids Don’t Even Know What An 8-Track Is

The cutting edge technology of 20 years ago is like stone age tools to young kids today, and this video proves it.

I don’t know if there’s ever been a technology divide like the one we have today. Technology moves so fast now that stuff we had fifteen or twenty years ago isn’t just obsolete, it’s comedically obsolete. You have to wonder if in the year 769 a kid was laughing at his dad’s outdated ploughshare, or trying to figure out just how to wear the old fashioned great helm.

This video is of a bunch of French kids being confronted with ‘old’ technology. 8 track tapes, floppy discs, a Gameboy, game cartridges, a record player. It’s pretty cute and funny but it’s when one of the black kids immediately starts scratching on the record player (no shit!) that things got hilarious.

via Javier Grillo Marxuach’s Tumblr