SCREAM 4 Trailer ODs On Meta

SCREAM 4 trailer lays out the new rules amidst a series of jarring jump cuts, self-referential jokes.

The trailer for Scream 4 is here, and it almost immediately disappears right up its own ass. Hyper-meta and ultra-self aware, the trailer indicates a movie that doesn’t even need a plot, just a series of concepts. Which isn’t that different from the last two films in the series, anyway.

One thing I did like was the fact that the film seems to take aim at the first-person/found footage genre. The original Scream gutted the slasher genre for a decade, and maybe this can do the same for the found footage genre. Last night I watched The Last Exorcism - which is generally a passable horror film for 13 year old girls on dates - which had one scene that was covered by at least EIGHT cameras, despite the film establishing just one camera on the scene.

Now if they just went after films that stupidly insert a number INTO the title…