Incredible Trailer for LOVE, A Bold Looking Science Fiction Mindwarp

2001 meets THE FOUNTAIN meets GLORY meets spectacular cinematography - check out the trailer for indie scifi film LOVE.

I almost didn’t check out the trailer for Love because it boasts the music of Angels & Airwaves as a selling point. But it seems from the trailer that A&A are pretty much aping Clint Mansell anyway, so it’s all cool!

The trailer is honestly spectacular - an astronaut is trapped aboard a space station after a nuclear war and begins trying to maintain his sanity, a process that somehow involves flashbacks to the Civil War. I’m not entirely certain how the Civil War and the space station tie in together in the narrative, but I’m at least sold right now on the visuals.

Director William Eubank is making his feature debut here; he’s shot music videos - for Angels & Airwaves in particular before - and you can see some of that style in the Love trailer. One of the stories I’ve heard about the making of this film is that Eubanks built the space station set in his parent’s back yard. You have to dig that kind of DIY self-sufficiency.

So forget for a moment that a member of Blink 182 is involved in this film and check out the stunning trailer for Love. There’s no distro yet, but it’s playing the Santa Barbara Film Festival and I bet that changes soon.

Click here to watch the trailer in incredible HD.