Terror Tuesday: I Like Watching GOOD Horror Movies Too, You Know

Brian Collins has watched a horror movie every day for the last four years. It’s starting to get to him. Is it too much to ask for horror movies to be good?

Now, I knew from the start that I’d be watching a lot of bad horror movies.  The sheer amount of films in the genre compared to others, paired with the fact that they cater to small budgets (and in turn, “directors” who have no idea what they are doing), means that there’s a fairly disparate number of successes to failures.  Plus, often times a bad movie has SOME merit - even that Eye of the Beast

thing at least had a rousing climax.  When a movie has absolutely no value whatsoever I label it “Crap”, and out of around 1500 movies I’ve only deemed 98 of them as such.  That’s not to say that the other 1400+ movies are GOOD, but they have SOMETHING that made it worth my time.  Plus, since I only watch movies I haven’t seen yet (or saw so long ago that I can’t remember them), a lot of the classics were “ineligible”, so the relatively small selection of legitimate great films got even smaller.  And yet, despite the surplus of bad reviews, I still get folks recommending that I watch terrible movies, as if I was having trouble finding these things on my own.

So my request is this - recommend GOOD movies to me.  I watch anything, so it doesn’t matter how old/new it is,  from the US or Antarctica, big budget or filmed in the director’s garage - as long as it’s a legitimate horror movie (per my “rules”), I’ll check it out.  There are even a few big titles I still haven’t seen (The Bad Seed is now on Netflix Instant - expect that one soon!), and I’m always

eager to see more foreign films that haven’t been well-exposed over here yet; if it’s been remade by Dreamworks or Sony, or is an Italian zombie film, I’ve probably seen it, but otherwise it’s probably gone under my radar.  I’d never be silly enough to think that the majority of films that I watch were really good, but if I could improve that “once or twice a month” to “once or twice a WEEK”, I’d be a pretty happy guy.

Final note - if you’re in Austin, by all means go watch Blood Rage.  If it’s as terrible as it sounds I’m sure it will make for a lively and entertaining screening.  I’d go myself if I was in the area.  Unfortunately, 90-95% of the movies I watch are watched alone - bad movies aren’t “fun” when the only other audience member is a largely disinterested cat, they’re just bad.  With a crowd, however, a terrible movie like Graduation Day

can be some of the most fun you’ll have all year.  But that “phenomenon” is worthy of its own article.

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