Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman, Tom Hardy Is A Juiced Up Mexican Wrestler In DARK KNIGHT RISES

Tom Hardy plays Bane. WHAT.

What the hell.

Anne Hathaway has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, where she’ll be playing Catwoman. Hubba hubba and all that, but also good casting - Hathaway is a great actress and has a keen intellect on screen. She’ll be a great foil for Christian Bale. Approved.

The role that Tom Hardy is playing has also been announced, and this is much more of a head scratcher. While I find the addition of Seline Kyle to the Nolan Batverse to be a bit humdrum, the addition Bane - and that’s who Hardy is playing - is a flat out headscratcher.

In the pantheon of shitty, shitty comic book characters few beat Bane, the over steroided, luchador masked South American criminal who broke Batman’s back. Like Doomsday he was a villain created only to fulfill a specific gimmick function, and like Doomsday he was not created well. Silly looking, with an inane backstory, Bane is, frankly, shit.

You have to assume that Christopher Nolan won’t be using the Bane from the comics, but then that brings up the question of why bother doing Bane at all. Between his shitty comic book intro and his presence in the apocalyptic Batman and Robin, Bane is a tainted character. Robin Nolan doesn’t want to touch, but this guy is fair game?

I guess we have to trust Nolan. Right? But it’s hard when Bane is being brought into the picture. Out of all the Batman villains in all the world, Bane’s the guy we get to close out the Nolan Trilogy. Maybe in five years I’ll look back at this post and laugh at my inability to dream a little bigger, but in the meantime…

Fucking Bane.