COUGAR TOWN Gives Web Sensation Brian Atene A Chance At Stardom

The creators of COUGAR TOWN, along with TOSH.0, dig up Brian Atene, the world’s worst audition, and give him another shot.

Remember Brian Atene? Here’s a refresher:

Well, Tosh.0 tracked down Atene, who has been a waiter for the last twenty years, and gave him a shot at his dream - they got him an audition on Cougar Town. And he won the role! Creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel (who, by the way, is a deviant) personally welcomed Atene in for his appearance.

And just so you know: Cougar Town is actually a really good show. It’s a very funny ensemble that in no way resembles the show it was when it debuted. Lawrence and Biegel have tweaked and played with the show a lot since it started - to the point that they wanted to change the name but ABC wouldn’t let them - and now it’s one of the wittier shows on television. Enough of my evangelizing - here’s the redemption of Brian Atene, via JoBlo:

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