SPIDER-MAN Reboot Leaves Out A Major Element Of Spidey Mythology

The new SPIDER-MAN will contain many elements familiar to fans, but one vital aspect is being left out. Is this a good thing?

Who is playing J Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man reboot? Nobody, according to IGN. This rings true, as there’s been no word on casting for the character, despite the movie having shot for weeks now.

The Daily Bugle will be in the world of Spider-Man, as evidenced by set photos featuring a Bugle van, but whether that will be just a background detail or if Peter will in some way be involved with the Bugle is unknown.

Maybe this is a smart choice. JK Simmons owns the role of JJJ, and giving a whole movie’s rest to the character might make it easier for audiences to accept a new actor in the part. Or for the filmmakers to realize that, like Judi Dench in the Bond films, some actors should survive reboots. I do hope that the new franchise does get to JJ at some point, though - he’s as much an integral part of the Spider-Man mythos as webs and radioactive spiders.