100 Year Old Whiskey, Preserved In Antarctica, About To Be Tasted

Sir Ernest Shackleton never made it across Antarctica, but he eventually made it home. It took one hundred years for his whiskey to follow suit, and now it’s ready to be tasted.

Forget your 12 year old whiskey - someone is about to drink a 100 year old vintage. Somebody get Tim League a plane ticket to Scotland. Stat!

In 1908 Sir Ernest Shackleton unsuccessfully tried to cross Antarctica. Among other items left behind in his hut were three bottles of Mackinlay’s whiskey, which were discovered last year and have been returned to the brand’s owner, Whyte and Mackay, in Scotland.

And they are going to drink this hundred year old whiskey.

“Never in the history of our industry have we had a century-old bottle of whisky stored in a natural fridge and subjected to some of the harshest conditions on this planet,” master blender Richard Paterson told Discover.

“It is an absolute honour to be able to use my experience to analyse this amazing spirit.”

The whiskey is among the oldest in the world, and the conditions under which it was stored were very unique. I’m not sure what Paterson hopes to learn from the whiskey, but I hope he gets really and truly buzzed in a way no other human being ever has.