Bryan Singer To Capture All That Jazz With Bob Fosse Biopic

Could Hugh Jackman star as the genius choreographer/director?

If you ever doubted that a male dancer could love pussy, I ask you to look no further than Bob Fosse. Not just a genius, Fosse was also a class A skirt chaser, while also being an excellent dancer. Fosse is the guy who beat Francis Ford Coppola for the Best Director Oscar in 1973 with Cabaret. Hell, that year he won an Emmy, a Tony and an Oscar, all for Best Director. No one else has ever pulled off that trifecta, and it’s likely that Fosse’s achievement will remain unchallenged for a while.

Fosse was a great director - Lenny, All That Jazz and Cabaret are three classic films - but more than that he was a revolutionary choreographer. His style, immortalized in Chicago, is one of the most recognizable dance styles of the modern day. Fosse died in 1987 of a heart attack.

Now Bryan Singer is going to try and tackle the big life of Bob Fosse in an HBO TV movie. I’m not entirely sure of the point - the semi-autobiographical All That Jazz, starring Roy Scheider as a Bob Fosse-like pill-popping, tail-chasing choreographer who dies of a heart attack, seems to have this ground completely covered. And it’s from Fosse himself!

The film will be based on the upcoming Fosse biography Bye, Bye Life: The Loves and Deaths of Bob Fosse, by Sam Wasson. As to when the movie would happen - it has to be after Singer finishes Jack The Giant Killer for Warner Bros, I assume. Does he get Hugh Jackman to play the role?

If you haven’t seen All That Jazz I can’t recommend it enough. It’s on Netflix Instant right now (or it was last week), but it really should be released on Blu. What’s up, Fox?