Keanu Reeves Says He’s Going To Re-Enter THE MATRIX

Is anyone clamoring for a return to THE MATRIX? We may be in for one anyway.

UPDATE: Story is complete bullshit. Keanu Reeves was never at the art school.

Ain’t It Cool News has a report from a talk Keanu Reeves gave where he spilled some fairly major news: the Wachowskis have met with him about a new two part movie set in the world of The Matrix where he would once again play Neo.


It’s hard for me to work up much feeling either way about this (should it be true). I liked The Matrix Reloaded, but truly abhor The Matrix Revolutions; The Matrix itself feels like a cute relic of another era. It seems maybe ten years from being rewatchable on its own terms. But I certainly am not jonesing for a return to that world, and while I maintain faith in the Wachowskis as visual filmmakers I’m not convinced they have the story chops we all assumed they did. Is there a viable creative reason to do two more Matrix films?

And who will pay for them? Revolutions didn’t do very well and there isn’t a ton of goodwill towards the series or the Wachowskis. I’m curious to see if this is real, or some sort of miscommunication.

Read all the details here, including Keanu Reeves hilariously talking about how we need originality in movies while talking up the Wachowski’s new take on Robin Hood.