New LA NOIRE Trailer Promises Vintage Serial Killer Video Game Action

The new trailer for Rockstar’s detective game LA NOIRE will knock your old timey socks off.

I don’t buy many video games new, but I always buy games from Rockstar as soon as they’re released. For my money no one is making games anywhere near the league of what Rockstar is putting out; the stories of their games are endlessly immersive and the characters grab you by the throat. As the company has moved away from its endlessly jokey Grand Theft Auto Style their work has only improved; Red Dead Redemption is one of the best video games I have ever played, and as a storytelling experience it was one of the highlights of 2010 for me.

The next Rockstar game promises to up the ante. LA Noire is the game, and it seems to be a murder mystery set in Los Angeles of the 40s. Think Black Dahlia or LA Confidential. And it looks gorgeous; while the faces of the characters retain that deadness, everything else is pretty amazing.

There’s a new trailer, and the game has been announced for a May 17 release. I’m pretty psyched about this one. Pre-order it now - I already did.