New Lucky McKee Movie Premieres To Bedlam; Guy Wants It Burned!

Lucky McKee’s new film, THE WOMAN, causes a huge stir at Sundance, including breaking one man’s very mind. We have the video.

Kevin Smith’s Red State got all the attention yesterday, which is too bad because it sounds like the new film from Lucky McKee - of May fame - had one of those legendary screenings. Six people walked out of The Woman, a horror film about a feral woman captured by a family that tries to civilize her through torture and rape. Apparently it’s pretty extreme stuff, and one of the walk outs actually got hurt - a woman RUNNING from the theater fell and hit her head. You can’t really blame the film for that.

One guy was so mad at the movie that he started yelling and had to be escorted out of the theater. Someone got video footage of this dude ranting and raving, saying the movie isn’t art, it should never have been screened and - best of all! - calling for it to be confiscated and burned. “You don’t know how upsetting this film is!” he cries out.

I don’t know if I’ll like this movie or not, but THAT’S AMAZING. I love art that makes people this mad. Now The Woman is my number one must-see of 2011.