Forget About Four Loko. Introducing Pot Laced Pop

You’ve smoked your medical marijuana and eaten your prescription pot brownie. Why not wash it down with some Canna Cola. Or some Orange Kush. Or Grape Ape. Pot cola!

California! What a beautiful state. You got your deserts and your beaches in the south, your rolling hills in the middle and your forests and mountains elsewhere. You got San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You’ve got some of the best National Parks in the nation. And you’ve got medical marijuana.

But smoking that medical marijuana can be such a pain. Some dispensaries offer edible dope in the form of pot brownies and other goodies, but who has time to snack? That’s why Clay Butler is such a genius: he’s invented soda with pot in it.

According to the AP, Butler has a big vision of his own cola empire:

Besides his flagship cola drink, Canna Cola, he will also produce Dr Pepper-like Doc Weed, lemon-lime Sour Diesel, grape-flavoured Grape Ape and orange-flavoured Orange Kush.

I guess this is all going full circle; Coca Cola was originally made with actual cocaine, so it’s about time soft drinks got back to their narcotic roots.