Listen To No Kill I, The STAR TREK Punk Band

Boldly pogoing where no man has pogoed before.

That’s a quote from 1998, from the Sacramento News & Review. The band they’re talking about, No Kill I, was a Star Trek punk band.

No Kill I - named after the plea burned in rock by the Horta in the original series episode Devil in the Dark - played (and may still play, although their last upcoming gigs are in 2006. They say that they play when offered a show) punk songs about Star Trek stuff. They have a song about Tranya, a song about Uhura, a song about being a red shirt and (not that) many more.

The band dressed in Star Trek outfits, including Gorn and Mugatu costumes. And their music is a blend of all sorts of classic punk, recorded appropriately on a 2-track.

Click here to visit their site and listen to all their music, which is licensed via Creative Commons, so you should expect to hear it on my podcast.

Here’s their theme song, No Kill I, set to Star Trek: The Animated Series:

No Kill I:TAS

No Kill I | Myspace Music Videos

Thanks to Phil for sending the link.