Brian De Palma To Commit A LOVE CRIME

Brian De Palma emerges from the wilderness to remake a recent French thriller.

I’ve been rooting for Brian De Palma to find his feet. He’s been in a bad way for the last few years, and even though I liked Black Dahlia, nothing he’s made lately has come close to his best days. I recently watched Dressed to Kill at the New Beverly, my first time seeing the film on the big screen, and while it isn’t my favorite De Palma it certainly is one of his most compulsively watchable movies. It also reminded me how great a filmmaker De Palma is when he’s really revved up.

Maybe Love Crime is the kick in the pants he needs. Variety reports that De Palma has signed on to direct a remake of last year’s Crime d’amour, the last film from French director Alain Corneau. I haven’t seen the French original, which stars Kristen Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, but I’ve seen it called Dangerous Liaisons meets Working Girl.” The actresses play a mentor and an ingenue working in a corporate office, each looking to take the other one down.

De Palma’s version will be called Passion; I guess technically it could star the same actresses, which would be interesting. I’m against remakes of recent foreign films, but I’m for De Palma making a comeback, so I’m torn on this one.