Christian Bale To The DARK TOWER Came

Christian Bale is the latest guy who has Ron Howard’s attention. Would he make a good Roland?

Ron Howard’s got his eye on a couple of people to play Roland in his planned sprawling adaptation of The Dark Tower, and now there’s a new name on that wishlist: Christian Bale. According to the New York Post he’s the guy that Howard is currently most excited about.

This is surely the result of awards mania; maybe it’s Bale’s appearance on the Golden Globes, or maybe it’s just the omnipresence of the dude right now, but this is how it goes when you’re a front runner for an award - everybody wants you.

But would Bale take the role, even if offered? It’s a hefty commitment, especially with the television series portion. But the Terminator franchise never took off for him, and Batman is probably ending in a couple of years, so it makes economic sense for Bale to have a money maker under his belt so that he can keep doing those roles where he loses weight or shaves his head or whatever in between.

And Bale would make a fine Roland, that’s for sure. The presence of the Goddamned Batman would also allay some of the fans’ concerns about Ron Howard on the project. And by the way, how does the sinking of The Dilemma impact The Dark Tower? Does the failure of that film really push Howard to get this done, or does it make him skittish of attempting something risky at this point in his career? So many variables.