Mark Webber Is Making A Sex Bob-Omb Of His Own Life

The lead singer of SCOTT PILGRIM’s Sex Bob-Omb makes an indie drama based on his own life, starring his own two year old son.

You’ll remember Mark Webber as Stephen Stills in Scott Pilgrim vs The World; the actor also has a career as a filmmaker, and his newest project is an interesting and unique one - he ‘s making a movie of his own life. Starring his actual two year old son as his two year old son.

But it won’t be just Webber and his son playing themselves; Webber has enlisted famous pals Michael Cera, Shannyn Sossamon, Amanda Seyfried and Jason Ritter to play themselves - or more accurately ‘heightened versions’ of themselves.

The film is in production right now in LA. I’m sure Webber, who is a fairly prolific tweeter, will keep updating the public at @likemark.

via The Hollywood Reporter