Not So Fast, Christian Bale: Javier Bardem Offered DARK TOWER

Movie rumor whiplash! It turns out that Ron Howard has offered the role of Roland to Javier Bardem! But will he take it?

This morning’s story about Christian Bale being the top choice for Ron Howard’s semi-vaporproject The Dark Tower confirmed something I had heard over the weekend. But it seems that what I heard (and what the NY Post reported) was wrong or premature or otherwise incorrect - Deadline is reporting that the role of Roland in The Dark Tower has been offered to Bardem*.

Whether Bardem takes the role is the next question; formal negotiations have not begun. But this is their number one choice, and I think it’ll raise more than a little controversy in fandom. It’s that accent - people see Roland as lily white in their heads, and the accent is really going to screw them up.

I think it’s a great choice, and I would love to see Bardem unleashing some badassery in this massive, sprawling story. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

* Deadline does say that Bale was in the running, though.