“Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, What Did You Think Of THE CONSPIRATOR Trailer?”

Robert Redford’s tale of the woman tried as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln gets a trailer.

When we were on the Four Lions tour, Tim League, Chris Morris and myself swung by the Smithsonian Museum of American History, which had a Lincoln exhibit. At the end of the hall was an eerie sight: the shackles and hoods worn by the conspirators hung for the president’s assassination.

The Conspirator, the newest Robert Redford-directed film, is about those people, and especially about Mary Surratt, the only woman among them. Robin Wright stars as Surratt, while James MacAvoy plays her lawyer, who believes she is innocent and being used as a hostage to get at her son, the last of the real conspirators.

The film played Toronto last year to little fanfare; it’s coming out in April where it will probably be swallowed up, despite the director and the cast. It’s not exactly a feel good story, you know.