BLACK SWAN Writer Scripting Movie That Sounds Like LOGAN’S RUN But Is Not LOGAN’S RUN

It’s more like CHILDREN OF THE CORN after the apocalypse.

Mark Heyman, one of the credited writers on Black Swan and a senior VP at Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures, is writing Age of Rage, a scifi movie where everybody over a certain age has been killed.

But this is not the Logan’s Run remake that’s been festering at Warner Bros. This film is at Fox Searchlight, and it could be the film Marc Webb shoots after Spider-Man; it’s based on his own idea. Which sounds like it’s based on Children of the Corn - after an apocalyptic event kills off all the adults teens try to rebuild society. Or maybe it’s a riff on the Star Trek episode Miri, which is what Stephen King was ripping off in the first place.

But actually it’s probably more interesting than I’m making it sound; Hollywood Reporter is calling it ‘elevated’ science fiction, which might be the new phrase for the highly discredited ‘high concept.’ At any rate it’s original cinematic science fiction, so I shouldn’t be snarking.