David Milch Writing The HEAVY RAIN Movie Adaptation

Will the writer behind NYPD BLUE and DEADWOOD press X to Jason?

I don’t know why anyone would want to make a movie out of the game Heavy Rain. The game is more or less just a retread of movies itself; it feels like adapting a novelization of a movie. But it’s happening anyway, and it’s actually happening with some talent.

David Milch has come on board to write the script as soon as he finishes the first season of his new HBO show, Lucky. Milch better get started fast - Heavy Rain is a big priority for Warner Bros, according to Variety.

I hope Milch’s script makes use of the game’s signature Quicktime Events - during an action scene a triangle hovers over the bad guy’s face, or a circle appears on a ledge to which our hero must jump. And of course the good guy must Press X To Jason!