Eat A Baked Tarantula

Do you have what it takes to eat a big hairy spider?

Eating exotic bugs is something that we all know happens, but is probably not something we often have the opportunity to do. After all, you have to either go to foreign lands or visit specialist restaurants, and not many of us can do that.

So Think Geek has made it easier by allowing you to mail order an edible, pre-baked tarantula.


This is not a pastry in the shape of a tarantula, this is not some fake thing. This is a real, Cambodian-raised, locally baked tarantula. That you can eat right out of the package, once you remove the fangs (Or you can heat it up). And it’s just 20 bucks today.

Do you have what it takes to eat a tarantula? If you order this, I’d love to see your pics and video.

Click here to buy a baked  tarantula.