Soairse Ronan Joins THE HOBBIT

And she could be appearing as a character Peter Jackson made up. OUTRAGE!!!!

I guess Peter Jackson owes Soairse Ronan one after the abysmal The Lovely Bones; according to The Irish Film & Television Network (found via Coming Soon), the actress will be in The Hobbit.

But playing what? Apparently there’s a new elf introduced in the film (fanfic, cry the fans!), and word is that this is who she’ll be. The character breakdown from a casting call:

“ITARIL - female, A woodland Elf, this character is one the Silvan Elves. The Silvan Elves are seen as more earthy and practical. Shorter than other elves, she is still quick and lithe and physically adept, being able to fight with both sword and bow. Showing promise as a fighter at a young age, ITARIL was chosen to train to become part of the Woodland King’s Guard. This is the only life she has ever expected to live, until she meets and secretly falls in love with a young ELF LORD. This role will require a wig and contact lenses to be worn. Some prosthetic make-up may also be required. LEAD. AGE: 17-27.”

That sounds like a shit ton of extraneous stuff, huh? Who cares about an elf lord’s love life (and could that be the Legolas cameo)?