A false rumor popped up this weekend saying that Robin Williams would be playing Hugo Strange in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. But is it possible that there is still a third villain to be announced? We think so.

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And so a hundred news stories were launched.

The above tweet from the guy who runs Batman-On-Film started a small frenzy this weekend, one that he cleared up today:

All I was doing was thinking out loud after a chat I had with an industry friend of mine. I’ve made no secret that 1) I’d LOVE it if Robin Williams finally got his wish and was cast in a Batman film, and, 2) I’d also love to see the character of Hugo Strange included in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Put those 2 together things together and, “RW as Strange? Hmm…..”

That’s it.

I’m flattered that all these outlets think that one of my Tweets is a story, but really, they’re all making a mountain out of very small anthill. If I knew that Hugo Strange was in the film for a fact—as well as Robin Williams portraying the character—I wouldn’t say anything about it anywhere.

So it’s all done, right? Maybe, maybe not. I’ve now heard from three different sources that there is another character in The Dark Knight Rises, one who ties the whole thing together. Could that be Hugo Strange, who everybody has been crazy about? Could it be Talia Al’Ghul, who was rumored earlier? Or could it just be The Scarecrow, making his third appearance in the Nolan films?

I don’t know the answer to any of this, but I think that we’re going to soon learn this movie isn’t just about Bane and Selina Kyle.