Edgar Wright’s New Beverly Wrap Up

The Wright Stuff II - the Edgar Wright-programmed film festival at LA’s New Beverly - is over, and Edgar has written up his fondest memories from the two week mega event.

For the last two weeks I spent many evenings in the New Beverly Cinema, watching the movies of The Wright Stuff II. Edgar Wright had returned to the theater to program a whole bunch of incredible double features, and he pulled in some unbelievable guests. Quentin Tarantino, John Landis, Walter Hill and David Lynch were among the people who stopped by to talk movies in front of a great, respectful and engaged audience.

Edgar’s written up his favorite bits of the festival and you can read it here. I think my favorite part was getting to meet the legendary Walter Hill; Hill doesn’t make a ton of appearances, so having him show up to talk about The Driver and The Warriors was mind bendingly awesome. Almost as awesome as getting him to sign my The Warriors poster from the Alamo Rolling Roadshow screening at Coney Island. Hill had never seen the poster and he loved it. James Remar, who also came out to talk about The Warriors was less enthused. “You want me to sign a fake poster?” he asked. And he did. I never get stuff signed, but the opportunity to get Hill’s signature on the poster was too good - and too rare - to pass up.

The other great moment for me was watching the little known Supercops, a 1974 movie based on the true story of 2 NYPD officers with an incredible arrest record. The movie is just terrific, the kind of film that would have been one of my favorites growing up had I seen it earlier. But what may have been even cooler was watching the movie with Quentin Tarantino in the house. Tarantino had never seen Supercops, believe it or not. How many opportunities do you ever get to watch an old movie with Tarantino that he hasn’t seen? It was pretty great. He loved the film, of course.

I hope there’s a Wright Stuff III in store for us someday soon. Edgar’s almost as good a programmer as he is a director.