Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Talks To Join THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Years of baseless fanboy speculation suddenly becomes based.

Deadline is reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all but signed on to reteam with his Inception director Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises. And so two years of fan speculation begins to come true, but what role will Levitt play?

People have said that the actor looks enough like Heath Ledger to take over the role of The Joker, but Nolan has insisted that the character won’t be returning. The other fan rumor has had Levitt playing The Riddler. Meanwhile, the idea that Hugo Strange would show up in the film has refused to die, so could it be that obscure character?

This weekend I told you that sources had said there was a third villain to yet be announced, one who would tie Selina Kyle and Bane together. At the time I thought it would be Talia Al’Ghul, but could this be who Levitt is playing? Or is his character not a villain at all? Might Nolan keep his promise to never have Robin but cast Levitt as Nightwing?

It’s all speculation for now, so speculate away in the comments.