Tara Reid Is Shooting BIG LEBOWSKI 2 This Year. Wait - What?

The actress claims that a sequel to the seminal Coens comedy is shooting this year, and that Bunny’s gonna be in it.

The always disastrous Tara Reid says that she’s shooting The Big Lebowski 2 this year. It’s the first anyone has heard of this movie, and it’s probably going to be the last - a slurring Reid appeared on the red carpet for a charity event about child snatch and babbled some stuff about American Pie 4, slipping in a weird claim that Lebowski 2 happens this year.

She says it about a minute in. Watch:

You’ll recall that Reid played Bunny, the slutty girl, in the original film.

Either she misspoke or is mistaken. It seems unlikely that such a project is happening (although one should never try to second guess the Coens). What would be kind of funny is if someone was doing a sequel to that Lebowski porn parody from a couple of years back and Reid unknowingly signed on. God, that would be magic.

EDIT: Apparently it was a charity event for child snatching, not child snatch. Sorry.

via Bleeding Cool